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Bing has started to apply the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ as decreed by the Court of Justice of the European Union: A number of Internet users that have made a ‘search engine result’ removal request via have now received a response.

Following the judgement of the CJUE of the 13th May, Bing published it’s Right To Be Forgotten removal request form mid-July. 4 months later, the search engine has started responding to the requests sent via

Reputation VIP, via, their site to help you apply The Right To Be Forgotten, has detected the first refusals from Microsofts’ search engine.

There have been 699 demands for ‘search engine result’ removal requests on Bing handled via since the 23rd of July, representing a total of 2 362 URLs. So far, 79 requests have received an answer from Bing.

Bing represents 22% of the removal requests sent via since the 23rd of July, 78% representing requests to Google. It is of note that Internet users tend to submit less requests to Bing than to Google: 3,4 on Bing against 9,1 on Google.
[title text=”Type of request on Bing.” line=”true”]
As on Google (55%), Invasion of Privacy is the major reason for a removal request on Bing: 64% of URLs.

 Type of request Number of URLs % of URLs
 Invasion of Privacy 1511 64,0%
 Other 282 11,9%
 Prejudicial to the image 208 8,8%
 Prejudicial to reputation 137 5,8%
 Criminal proceedings 99 4,2%
 Theft of Identity 73 3,1%
 Deceased person 26 1,1%
 Presumption of Innocence 22 0,9%
 Homonymy 4 0,2%
 Total 2 362 100%

[title text=”Type of refusal” line=”true”]

So far, only two types of refusals have been detected by :

  • Unjustified (2 answers)
  • Social Network (77 answers)

First refusal detected Wed 26/11/2014 01:41

[title text=”Examples of Refusals” line=”true”]
Refusal : Unjustified

Thank you for your submission. Based on our understanding of European Law and the information provided at this time, we are unable to process your request for the URL(s) listed below. If you disagree with our decision, you may contact  your local Data Protection Authority for guidance.
Microsoft Privacy support
Please do not respond to this email. This is an unmonitored e-mail account.

Refusal : Social Networks

Thank you for your request.
Your request suggests that the content to be removed is hosted on a social media website. Please refer to our help page below for self-service guidance to remove this content. Please use the content removal tool and processes available  from the social media website in question. These tools and processes may be the most effective way for you to remove social media content from search results.
Microsoft Privacy support
Please do not respond to this email. This is an unmonitored e-mail account.